P&A Jewellers Ltd


t/a T S Moodie


25 Southgate, Halifax

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There has been a jewellers shop at the site of 25 Southgate for over 100 years! Records show that as far back as 1908 there was a jewellers here under the name of Irvine Hindle.

Born in 1882 Irvine Hindle traded here until his death in 1940 when his son Donald took over. The premises continued to trade under that name until 1995 when T S Moodie relocated from Rawson Street and renamed the shop.


Here at P&A Jewellers we are proud to continue over 100 years of selling and repairing jewellery on these premises into the 21st Century.


We sell a range of Gold and Silver jewellery, Rotary Watches, Pulsar Watches and Lorus Watches, Cufflinks, Tankards, Mantle Clocks, Travel Clocks, Christening gifts and other misc items. Lucet Mundi Power Beads stockists.D for Diamond stockists. Fred Bennett mens fashion jewellery  and others.